March 24, 2019

Custard Flux: "Helium (& Helium Bonus)"' on vinyl

Helium, the debut album of the new acoustic psychedelic prog project Custard Flux led by Gregory Curvey, is coming to vinyl as a 2LP set, including all the tracks of the Helium Bonus disc::

Being a newbie at this, without any record company help that is, I had way too much music per LP side (Thanks for the tip Pete!). Cutting off limbs is never an option, so I've added another LP. Helium will be a Double LP on 180g Raspberry Colored Vinyl housed in a Jacket with a 1/4" spine, kept nice and neat in a reusable plastic bag. The price will be $40 + Shipping. I'll be sending a crate or two of LPs to my wonderful helpers in Bristol England for EU distribution, and I expect a few to go to Clearspot International. But...

40 Shillings on the Drum: Mean Streets (Born in the Same Gutter)

photo: D. Cook

Punk-rcok and some politics are the main ingredients of the new Mean Streets (Born in the Same Gutter) single form Brighton band 40 Shillings on the Drum. With a far more complex melody than is usually associated with their chosen genre they pint an accusing finger to the powers that be as well as themselves as being part of the problem.

Quite refreshing, with hints of The Clash in their prime, bookended by two suprisingly gentle piano bits. Somewhere Pete Shelley and John Peel are hearing this and are high-fiving each other.

March 23, 2019

Tullycraft: "Midi Midinette" video

Watch the new Tullycraft video for Midi Midinette. Note the nod to Big Black's small town putdown song Kerosene in the lyrics

It's a track from their album The Railway Prince Hotel."(...) filled with upbeat, rambling garage tunes that will get many a listener spin the wrong foot. Is there something wrong with the rhythm? Well, no actually, but it's a kind of free-flowing music, jagged and lo-fi while they take the piss at pretty much anything. Think a mix of XTC, The Velvet Underground, Jonathan Richman and the Decemberists".


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Morrissey: "Lover-To-Be b/w I Thought You Were Dead" for Record Store Day

Thought You Were Dead, a previously unreleased song on the B-side on the Record Store Day exclusive Morrissey 7" single Lover-To-Be (already available on the deluxe version of the Low in High School album), makes it worth tracking down. It will be released on clear red vinyl.

The Ego Ritual: "Waves Upon The Water" video

Lincoln trio psychedelic rock The Ego Ritual have made a video for Waves Upon The Water, the final track from their self-titled debut EP, The clip show a close-up of pyramid-shaped lighthouse, a continuation of the band's fascination for ancient Egypt.

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