October 18, 2019

Ronan Conroy: "Live @ Arlene's Grocery" video

Ronan Conroy has posted a video of his Arlene's Grocery in New York on October 13: Justin Wierbonski on drums, Erel Pilo on guitar and backing vocals, and Charlie Nieland on bass.

  1. Cordite
  2. The Road Not Traveled
  3. Driving South
  4. You’re So Cruel
  5. The Dark
  6. Welcome To My Country
  7. Burn The Cane
  8. Not A Part Of Anything
  9. Tonight

» ronansconroy.com

HCTF review of The Moment Is Gone.

October 17, 2019

STASJ: "Little Girl" video

Watch the new STASJ video for Little Girl, a track from her album Soft Forces. "With electronics and classically trained vocals at the foundations for her music she goes for abstract, surrealistic lyrics, populating her world with kids, commuters and an aloof feline. It is not a pop record as such, neither is it a (modern) classical one. If anything it is a collection of highly personal stories and fairy tales, meandering travelogues and observations."

Johnny Dowd: Live at GrassRoots 2006

Johnny Dowd has dug up a rocking show from the past. Live at GrassRoots 2006, recorded in Trumansburg, NY in July 2006, catches him in full flight, with Michael Stark (keyboards, organ), Willie B (drums, bass pedals) and Kim Sherwood-Caso (vocals). He played quite a few songs that were unreleased at the time - the scary blues rocker Demons and Goats for instance would turn up on his Wake Up the Snakes album in 2010.

While most artists play it safe on stage and stick close to the studio versions, Dowd and his band love to turn things upside down and inside out. Warts and all is pretty much their modus operandi, but it works like a charm. Uncle Willie comes barreling down the tracks like a runaway train. The Good Die Young, a song that became a highlight on the Hellwood album Chainsaw Of Life is a slowed down lament that hits hard. Miracles Never Happen is dedicated to his mother, who would be surprised that her son is still kicking ass today, a music critics favourite, and a cult artist with a fervent and vocal fan base.

October 16, 2019

Portico Quartet: "Dissident Gardens" video

Watch the new Portico Quartet video for "Dissident Gardens, a track from their latest album Memory Stream. "They explore every nook and cranny of their compositions, repeating motifs for prolonged times or abandoning them within the space of a couple of bars. Memory Stream solves the problem of what to play after Radiohead's Kid A. It is a collection of adventurous, gentle avant-garde that keeps lingering inside the listener's head long after the record has ended."

The clip was directed by by the band's drummer Duncan Bellamy.

Drivin' N Cryin' : on tour in The Netherlands and the US

Atlanta roots rockers Drivin' N' Cryin' are on the road to promote their new album Live The Love Beautiful. Intense heartfelt music that goes straight for the gut.