October 13, 2015

Murder Shoes: Daydreaming

photo: Joshua Syx

Surf garage Murder Shoes came up with a spiffy self-titled EP this year. The new full-length Daydreaming has more of the same sensuous surf noir plus a few forays into Nineties college rock - lead single Nineteeneightyone and Secrets are the prime example of their expanded musical palette.

The Minneapolis band have hit an early creative peak. They use feedback and reverb without missing a beat. Don't be surprised when the upbeat cynicism of Girls Named Benji or the Breeders-alike Reefer and Pizza make an appearance in a small film that makes it big as an underground favorite.

Murder Shoes:
Tess Weinberg: vocals, keyboards
Derek Van Gieson: guitar
Chris White: guitar, vocals
Elliot Manthey: drums
Tim Heinlein: bass

Daydreaming is a released on Land Ski Records (CD, digital) and the band themselves (vinyl). Buy it from their website. Release date: November 6th.

  1. Your Friend Kimmie
  2. So What May
  3. Bad Reputation
  4. Nineteeneightyone
  5. Secrets
  6. Girls Named Benji
  7. Little Lost
  8. Reefer and Pizza
  9. Daydreaming
  10. Can You Sea Me
  11. How Does It Feel?

Live date:
  • 11/10 Minneapolis, MN @ Icehouse
    (album release show w/ Rupert Angeleyes and Daisy Chains)

» murdershoesband.com

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Hunck: "I'll Wait" video

London quintet Hunck have made a zero budget DIY video for their I'll Be Wait single. Two band member milling about draped in sheets, getting drunk and falling over. Still, it fits the mood of the neo-psychedelic tune rather well.

I'll Wait will be released on October 16th.

» hunck.co.uk

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October 12, 2015

John Cale on arts diversity in The Guardian

John Cale took the arts diversity survey in The Guardian. The English newspaper runs the survey in partnership with Create and Goldsmiths university. The latter is Cale's old school. They bestowed him with a Honorary Fellowship in 1997.

About his experience in the industry:

My classical training was the genesis for hard work and practice. Understanding you must learn the basics and practice to make them your own. Knowing the “how” is an important edge when I started working in the avant-garde, and the Velvet Underground and beyond. Working in the avant-garde set me up well for the recording industry – while a student at Goldsmiths I longed to push beyond my classical teachings, wishing to move into the avant-garde where I could be a part of new music, something yet to come. That premise has never stopped. To this day, it’s what I must do each day: create music beyond the premise set before.

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The Ploctones: new mini CD "Droplul" + "Mond Dood", tour dates

Dutch adventurous jazz rock quartet The Ploctones are releasing a mini CD with two new tracks: Droplul written by guitarist Anton Goudsmit and Mond Dood written by sax player Efraim Trujillo.

They will celebrate their 11th anniversary with an extensive "StoerToer" in October and November. Visual artist LiGHT-UP will further enhance to the fun and experience.

Johnny Dowd: "White Dolemite" video

Watch the new Johnny Dowd video for White Dolemite, a track from his latest album That's Your Wife on the Back of My Horse. The clip was made by Louk Voncken.

Johnny will be touring Europe in October 2016. He’s working hard on his new record which will be released in September 2016.

» johnnydowd.com

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