July 18, 2018

Phish 2018 Summer tour SBD + torrents: 2018/07/17 Stateline

Official Stateline run posters by Paul Kreizenbeck.

Lake Tahoe Outdoor Arena at Harveys, Stateline, NV

Set 1:
  1. Free >
  2. Possum
  3. The Moma Dance
  4. Ghost >
  5. Funky Bitch
  6. Stash >
  7. Character Zero

July 17, 2018

Trey Anastasio: "Ask Trey" on SiriusXM

Phish guitarist Trey Anastasio will be answering questions on the SiriusXM channel JamON. Why not play Europe? Why not practice more?

Have a question for Trey? @SiriusXM #JamON​ is giving you a chance to ask Trey anything. Send your questions to Trey at asktrey@siriusxm.com by Sunday, July 22nd. Stay tuned to Sirius XM Jam On and see if your question is answered.

Phish kick off their Summer tour tonight with a show in Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

July 16, 2018

The Little Red Rooster Blues Band: Lock up the Liquor

The Little Red Rooster Blues Band have been playing their spicy mix of Chicago Blues and West Coast Jump Blues for more than 30 years, establishing themselves as a household name in Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley. Their latest album Lock up the Liquor is perfectly to create a sweet buzz without using outside stimulants, liquid or otherwise.

As per usual in their genre, their songs are about trouble and mishaps, but they will always take it in their stride when the shit hits the fan. In fact they can joke about like they do in Thrift Shop Rubbers ("second-hand protection is no protection at all". Lock up the Liquor is a feelgood record about being getting beaten down and rise to the occasion to come out on top. Honourable mentions for their harp player Dave Holtzman and special guest Anthony Geraci on piano for making it swing.

Words about music (466): Tony Levin

Like most musicians, I'm good at becoming immersed in the music that I am currently working on. We seldom lift up our heads to contemplate even the music we will be doing in the future, let alone what we've done in the past.

Tony Levin

July 15, 2018

Cover Me: If Not For You

Listen to Chicago psych pop band Umbra and the Volcan Siege take on the Bob Dylan classic If Not For You. They took the better known - and melodically superior - George Harrison version from All Things Must Pass as their point of reference.

Umbra and the Volcan Siege:
Jim Licka: guitar, vocals
Curtis Evans: guitar
Russ Mallord: drums
Pete Trillo: bass