October 21, 2014

Phish: "Roggae" live @ Matthew Knight Arena,Eugene, OR - 2014/10/17

Watch Phish perform Roggae @ Matthew Knight Arena,Eugene, OR - 2014/10/17.

Yinka Oyewole: Whirlwind Since The Day

photo: Ani Lang

Nigerian singer Yinka Oyewole covers a lot of ground on his new album Whirlwind Since The Day. Despite all his genre hopping - afrobeat, hip-hop, rock, funk - all his songs deal with danger of some sort: hostile big city surroundings in Stop! Breathe, the innocence of a lost Little Hipster Girl, drugs and alcohol in Poison.

With a powerful voice halfway between Terrence Trent D'Arby and Seal, Oyewole's message might be heard by people who usually don't pay much attention to lyrics. They are in for a surprise when they do.

Whirlwind Since The Day is released on I Blame ​The ​Parents ​Records. Buy it from Amazon or iTunes.

  1. No Brakes
  2. Stop! Breathe
  3. All You Think About
  4. Brooklyn
  5. Little Hipster Girl
  6. Lay Your Body Down
  7. If I
  8. Poison
  9. Mad Mad Mad
  10. The Wanderer Returns
  11. Willis
  12. Freaks International

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October 20, 2014

Alberteen: new songs @ Aces and Eights, London

Rhythm & noir band Alberteen will be back on stage @ Aces and Eights, London on December 17. It's a warm-up show previewing tracks from their forthcoming new album. Confirmed titles of new songs so far: Princess Noise, We are the Mods, A French Connection, King's Evil, Wonderland.

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HCTF review of Metal Book.

Iggy Pop: BBC Music John Peel Lecture

Iggy Pop delivered this year's John Peel lecture. He shared his thoughts on the current state of the music industry ans stresses the importance of not being in it just for the money.

We are now in the age of the schemer and the plan is always big, big, big, but it's the nature of the technology created in the service of the various schemes that the pond, while wide, is very shallow. Nobody cares about anything too deeply expect money. Running out of it, getting it. I never sincerely wanted to be rich. There is a, in the US, we have this guy “Do you sincerely wanna be rich? You can do it!” I didn’t sincerely want to be rich. I never sincerely felt like making anyone else that way. That made me a kind of a wild card in the 60's and 70's. I got into the game because it felt good to play and it felt like being free. I'm still hearing today about how my early works with The Stooges were flops. But they're still in print and they sell 45 years later, they sell. Okay, it took 20 or 25 years for the first royalties to roll in. So sue me.
To start with, I cannot stress enough the importance of study. I was lucky to work in a discount record store in Ann Arbor Michigan as a stock boy where I was exposed to a little bit of every form of music imaginable on record at the time. I listened to it all whether I liked it or not. Be curious. And I played in my high school orchestra and I learned the joy of the warm organic instruments working together in the service of a classical piece. That sticks with you forever. If anyone out there can get a chance to put an instrument and some knowledge in some kids hand, you've done a great, great thing.

Read the full transcript or download the podcast via the BBC.

Todd Tobias: Impossible Cities

Dream up a city and write a song about it. Ohio experimentalist Todd Tobias created sixteen cities, each of them with a different character, but none of them is located somewhere sunny. Most dreams turned into nightmares. Tobias' Impossible Cities are scary places, with overflowing dumpsters and something nasty lurking tin the shadows, Stepford wives reinvented as zombies, the curtain dropped for the Truman Show to show a void, an abyss or a suburb that breeds school shooters.

Tobias is an explorer who invents his own paths when he has run out of real life ones. Using post-rock as his stepping stone he is a musical architect, using swirls of keyboards and repetitive rhythm to map out his blueprints. Impossible Cities is a captivating work that should be played at top volume before a meeting of the city council discussing ill-fated expansion schemes.

Impossible Cities will be released in Holland on Tiny Room Records. Release date: October 28th. The rest of the world can buy it from his website.

  1. Lamura
  2. Kur
  3. Pyrrus
  4. Somna
  5. Dravidia
  6. Gorgum Reeth
  7. Saz
  8. Kish
  9. Gagark
  10. Iranoi
  11. Auros
  12. Smazbaal
  13. Nargesh
  14. Wermol
  15. Epyminion
  16. Akrova

Impossible Cities 2
Preorders com with a CD-r of the companion EP Impossible Cities 2. Also available as a free download from his website.

  1. Ganjareen
  2. Jheggo
  3. Margool
  4. Arganthia
  5. Loa
  6. Bor
  7. Azymondia
  8. Jaqasta
  9. Yova
  10. Lamyrr

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