June 30, 2016

Matt Stevens: no more solo shows, new album "Archive"

Matt Stevens has announced that he is done as a solo artist for now, but as a last hurrah for his legacy a new album will be released on July 22. Archive is a mixed bag of loop guitar goodies and "includes a live solo guitar and loop pedal set from a church for Farncombe Music Club from 2014 that was recorded from the desk, 2 ambient pieces and two lost songs".

Stevens has been an explorer of loop pedals for years on end and became an underground favorite in prog and avant-garde circles. For the near future he will be focusing on his role as the lead guitarist with London based post-rock experimentalists The Fierce And The Dead.

Spottiswoode: three shows in Germany

NYC based English singer-songwriter Spottiswoode has three gigs in Germany. He won't be accompanied by his Enemies, but will be sharing the bill with Matti Müller, Jonny Gee and Angela Stricker.

Live dates:

Phish 2016 Summer tour SBD + torrents: 2016/06/29 Philadelphia

Official Philadelphia poster by Leslie Herman

Mann Center for Performing Arts, Philadelphia, PA

Set 1:
  1. Wolfman's Brother
  2. Your Pet Cat
  3. Blaze On
  4. Waking Up Dead[1]
  5. Llama[2]
  6. Devotion To a Dream
  7. Reba
  8. Mike's Song >
  9. Horn >
  10. Farmhouse >
  11. Weekapaug Groove

June 29, 2016

Scotty Moore: 1931-2016

Scotty Moore, the guitarist on the early (and best) Elvis Presley songs on Sun Records, died yesterday. He was 84. Never made much money, but his influence cannot be underestimated.

We would just go in and Sam would suggest some songs or Elvis did maybe something he knew. Nothing was pre-determined. We just tried different things and probably found one that everyone felt comfortable with and had a good groove, and that would be it. It's ironic though that the very first things we put down, Sam (Phillips) recorded them and he kept them. And the only thing I can figure is after we did "That's Alright Mama" and "Blue Moon of Kentucky", he felt like we did have a direction, so we would go through these different tunes. He may have recorded some of them and played them back and we said, "No, that ain't happening". Then he would erase the tape. He never kept any of that. I guess because tape cost so much. So those very early things, when we were just experimenting around, he never kept. I bet he wished he had.

The Velveteins: "Hanging From The Ceiling" video

Canadian psychedelic doo-wop rock trio The Velveteins already released a video which captured them playing Hanging From The Ceiling live for a Southern Souls session. Now they have a real promo clip, directed by Nicholas Posthumus. Lead singer Spencer Morphy is floating on an air mattress in a swimming pool, smoking. So is all the stuff that acted out really happening or is just a chemically enhanced dream?