August 21, 2018

Go March: Downside Up

German-Belgian instrumental post-rock trio Go March have released Downside Up, a single from their forthcoming new album Go March II. With the synths taking center stage this one is slightly more accessible and danceable) than their previous one On Momentum, Think Vangelis meets The Fierce and The Dead.

August 20, 2018

Words about music (470): "Fast" Eddie Clark

I could have loads of regrets. I mean my demise in Motörhead came about in a strange way which I will not go into now but I am sure that it’s well documented. But in a way, I don’t regret that because I think it happened. Phil wanted to get Brian Robertson in the band and I found out later, so I mean…all the cards were stacked against me, so it’s not really a regret. It’s an unfortunate thing that happens, but these things happen, you know, in rock. Of course, I never really got over it.

"Fast" Eddie Clark

Mogwai: KIN - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

photo: Anthony Crook

Mogwiu rose to the challenge to come up with the soundtrack for the sci-fi/crime movie KIN. The Scottish post-rockers' signature guitar tapestries are always a good fit when in need of some disturbing yet soothing music. They have churning out meandering, mostly instrumental excursions since 1995, projecting scenes and images through their music, which makes it is odd that this is their first movie score.

KIN might come off as repetitive at first, unfolding slowly, showing new layers during each listen. Neo-classical piano fits in with dreamy shoegaze synths, wavering guitars, and sparse, but highly, effective drums and bass. It is an intense and flawlessly produced sonic journey, that can be enjoyed fully as a stand-alone piece of art.

August 19, 2018

Psychedelic Porn Crumpets: Social Candy

Aussie rockers Psychedelic Porn Crump sing about being lost on their new single Social Candy. Using every studio trick they could get their hands on, they went over the top trying to create a multi-coloured wall of sound. It's doubtful if will stand the test of time, but as an anthem for the chemically enhanced hipsters crowd it will do nicely.

August 18, 2018

Johnny Dowd: Dutch radio appearances

Johnny Dowd and band, 1999. Left to right: Willie B, Kim Sherwood-Caso, Johnny Dowd, Justin Asher. Photo by Kat Dalton.

Longtime Johnny Dowd fan Johanna has digitized twelve songs she recorded from Dutch radio back in the day. They can be streamed on Soundcloud. From the Fans of Johnny Dowd blog:

Twelve songs from the Dutch radio, 1998 and 2001. Among which Johnny’s first ever appearance in The Netherlands. Recorded on a portable radio / cassette player and converted to MP3s on a laptop with floppy drive. Those were the days! Before you start to frown: the sound quality is surprisingly good. If you want them: …everything is properly name tagged for copyrights.