April 10, 2020

The Fierce And The Dead: "Spooky Action" live @ RoSFest

English instrumental prog experimentalists The Fierce And The Dead have posted a video of them performing Spooky Action @ RoSFest in Gettysburg, PA, a track from their album Live USA 17: "Hitting the Americans over the head with post-rockers like Spooky Action and the towering power of Truck and soothing them with the pastoral The Wait and a superb rendition of the complex Andy Fox they build their set like a classic English mansion: balanced, yet with plenty of hidden rooms and weird details".

» fierceandthedead.com

HCTF review of Live USA 17.

Jumble Hole Clough: Bassoons and Women's Coats

English avant-garde musician Colin Robinson continues his exploration of ambient music on Bassoons and Women's Coats, the new album by his one-man project Jumble Hole Clough. It's not all mellow and introspective however - his guitar brings the noise every now and then, coming close to funk. His recently deceased musical collaborator Richard Knutson pops up with a few spoken word bits in Dirt Farm, named after the abode where he grew up in America.

Robinson set out to capture "the current feeling of stasis and anxiety", composing a track each day. And while the the compositions sound rather bleak he can't resist to throw in odd bits to lighten the mood. The Smell Of Dust Being Burnt for instance bristles and purrs, and Time Is No Longer Of The Essence is a soundscape inviting the listener to relax a bit and go with the flow. I Need Non-stop Instant Gratification is a throwback to "his music for imaginary puppet shows albums" This Salty Armada and Moth On A Staircase Window. The title track, Bassoons and Women's Coats, is a goth avant-dance tune - and the perfect excuse to delve into his array of sound effects he has collected over the years.

April 09, 2020

Radiohead: streaming archival shows

Radiohead joins the archival live show streaming initiatives that have popped up as a result of the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic:

Now that you have no choice whether or not you fancy a quiet night in, we hereby present the first of several LIVE SHOWS from the Radiohead Public Library now coming to Radiohead’s YouTube channel.

Starting tonight at 10pm UK/2pm PT/5pm ET with Live From a Tent In Dublin – October 2000, we will be releasing one a week until either the restrictions resulting from current situation are eased, or we run out of shows. Which will be first? No-one knows.

» radiohead.com

Cover Me: Diamonds Are Forever

Watch the Arctic Monkeys tackle the Shirley Bassey classic Diamonds Are Forever, live @ Glastonbury -June 22, 2007. Bassey herself would headline the festival the next day.

» arcticmonkeys.com

April 08, 2020

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds: European tour dates moved to 2021

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds have rescheduled their European and UK Tour to start in Spring 2021. All original tickets remain valid, so quite a few of these shows are already sold out.