April 01, 2015

Warren Haynes w/ Railroad Earth: "Front And Center" on US TV

On February 3rd this year Warren Haynes and Railroad Earth teamed up for a Front and Center show @ The McKittrick Hotel in NYC. It will be broadcasted this Summer on various networks in the USA. Haynes:

It was a really special opportunity to play in such an intimate space in front of such an attentive yet enthusiastic audience. The McKittrick Hotel’s speakeasy vibe seemed to work perfectly with both the solo material at the beginning of the show and, later, when I was accompanied by Railroad Earth.

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The Right Now: playing @ the Double Door in Chicago

Chicago based funky soul band The Right Now return to the stage on April 16, playing a hometown show with Zaramela @ the Double Door as part of CIMMfest.

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March 31, 2015

KDH: Piedmont Rose

Can you mix Southern rock with psychedelic and lo-fi garage anthems? NYC based quartet KDH got what it takes to pull it off on their new album Piedmont Rose. Never mind that they are seriously out of tune at times (Lupa) and have a hard time trying to keep up with themselves in the breakneck speed instrumental Ratchets. They go for a warts-and-all set of songs. Somehow the folks at The Relic Room in NYC managed to catch them in full flight amidst an array of much maligned monitors and battered amps.

KDH spells rock 'n' roll with capital letters. Play really fucking loud to fully appreciate the cackles and the feedback. They are there for a reason.

Drew Taylor: lead guitar, vocals
Lee Hinshaw: drums, vocals, banjo
Ian Lockey: guitar
Alex Smith: bass

  1. Beloved Devotion
  2. Time To Die
  3. Lupa
  4. Ratchets
  5. Heaven Should
  6. Seven Thunders
  7. Shelter / Ratchets (Reprise)
  8. Lettuce Rest (Appalachain Spring)
  9. Piedmont Rose

Live date:
  • 04/17 Brooklyn, NY @ Union Pool

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Bells Atlas: Future Bones

Bells Atlas, a soulful band from Oakland, have released Future Bones, a cinematic song about dealing with death in a turbulent world. Built upon Afrobeat the song goes through hills and valleys, with elements of soul, jazz and dance as part of the equation. They paint with broad strokes besides having a keen eye for detail. Way too smart for mainstream appeal, but tailor-made for the in-crowd who can handle meaningful lyrics and delicate rhythm shifts.

Bells Atlas:
Derek Barber: guitar
Geneva Harrison: drums, percussion, keys
Sandra Lawson-Ndu: vocals, percussion, keys
Doug Stuart: bass, vocals, keys

Future Bones is a self-released single and will be included on their forthcoming Hyperlust EP, which is available for pre-order.

Live date:
  • 05/08 Oakland, CA @ The New Parish

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Ronan Conroy: The Game

Ronan Conroy is still on his "never-ending album" project, cherry picking songs from the stash of material he wrote since he went solo in 2013. After releasing his debut album Discontent he goes for a more bolder folk rock approach on The Game, a genre his familiar with since his tenure with The Listeners.

Conroy is a storyteller like his hero Nick Cave. His voice isn't as deep, but his guitar playing can take care of the scary parts if need be. He has an open eye for the seedy elements of his surroundings (The Princess, the Coke Whore, and Magdalena) and rocky love affairs (We've all night). He is a lonely Irishman in New York, who is still trying to fit in, while preserving the habits of his native country. He is an acrophobic tightrope walker admiring the view. It makes captivating listening.

The Game is a self-released album. Buy it from his website.

  1. The Game
  2. How Long, Kitty?
  3. There is no answer
  4. Six cans and a bottle of liquor
  5. The Princess, the Coke Whore, and Magdalena
  6. Give me what I need
  7. We've all night
  8. One Way or Another
  9. Right or wrong
  10. Blue & Yellow
  11. It comes around
  12. If it's anything to you

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