February 17, 2019

Sail By Summer: Casual Drive

Scandinavian duo Sail By Summer take a dark road trip Casual Drive battling loneliness by ways of Eighties inspired New Wave. Danish keyboard player Jens Kristian and Norwegian singer William Hut have found a common ground to take on anxiety and turn it into something that comes close to feeling happy, While it is more straightforward than their previous single Facing Dullness they have plenty of bits and pieces playing quietly in the background. Headphones recommended to spot them all.

Redwolves: new album "Future Becomes Past" 03/15'- stream "The Pioneer"

Danish psych rock quartet Redwolves will release their new full-length on March 15th via Argonauta Records. Lead single The Pioneer can be streamed on YouTube, a lengthy mid-tempo rocker with a gentle bass motif, old school guitar pyrotechnics, and pummeling drums, building up to an all-pout crescendo.

February 16, 2019

Death is not the end​.​.​. A Tribute to Nick Cave

Brazilian blogger The Blog That Celebrates Itself invited a bunch of indie bands to tackle the songs of Nick Cave for a tribute album. These kind of projects tend be a grab bag of mediocre, really bad, and surprisingly great renditions. Death is not the end​.​.​. A Tribute to Nick Cave is no exception to that rule. It's quite hard to capture the impending doom meets love and kindness vibe of arguably the finest living songwriter.

Most of the covers of this album take the safe route by sticking close to the original. Three tracks stand out: Blackout Transmission changed the tempo of City of Refuge, in itself a cover of traditional that was first recorded in 1928. Box and the Twins added the Dresden Dolls to No More Shall We Part and Waves of Dread came up with a noisy garage version of The Mercy Seat. The rest of the bands struggle to keep with those at best.

Words about music (486) Geezer Butler

Black Sabbath was written on bass: I just walked into the studio and went, bah, bah, bah, and everybody joined in and we just did it.

Geezer Butler

February 15, 2019

Phish: webcasts of Riviera Maya shows in Mexico

The three Phish shows at Riviera Maya in Mexico (February 21-23 are offered as pay-per-view webcasts. 3-night passes or single shows in HD or SD. MP3 and T-Shirt bundles are available.

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