May 24, 2015

Godsticks: "Much Sinister" video, new album "Emergence"

Welsh prog rock trio Godsticks will release their third studio album Emergence in August 10, They are sharing video a video of Much Sinister. It was shot and edited by Chris Vinnicombe during the recording sessions. Recommended if you like Adrian Belew-era King Crimson.

Darran Charles: vocals, guitar, keys
Steve Roberts: drums, keys
Dan Nelson: bass

Emergence is available for pre-order form the band's website. All pre-ordered CDs will be signed by the band and will include: a free digital version of the album and remixes of two tracks by Bruce Soord (The Pineapple Thief), available for download on the release date.


May 23, 2015

John Cale: "Signal To Noise" in Melbourne

John Cale will debut his new work Signal To Noise at the Supersense: Festival of the Ecstatic at the Arts Centre Melbourne, Australia, on August 9. He is joined on stage by Lisa Gerrard (Dead Can Dance) and electronic wizard Laurel Halo:

An artist whose biography incorporates some of the most adventurous, ecstatic and explorative output achieved by a single performer today, do not miss the iconic John Cale’s Signal to Noise, a major new work commissioned for Supersense that traces the line of experimentation through his career spanning over five decades.

One of the towering figures of modern music unleashes a new cross-media extravaganza set to spark the fires of the imagination, featuring a stunning line-up of performers including Dead Can Dance's Lisa Gerrard and Michigan electronic innovator Laurel Halo.

This genre-bending audio-visual trip furthers his quest to find new ways to startle and seduce the senses. Bespoke arrangements of both classics and rarely heard songs will be matched by intriguing glimpses into what the future holds for this fearless pioneer.

From co-founding The Velvet Underground to collaborating with the likes of Brian Eno, Patti Smith, The Stooges, Happy Mondays and LCD Soundsystem, John Cale seems to have had a hand in every major moment of musical innovation for half a century.

Tickets go on sale on June 1st.

» John Cale tour dates

May 22, 2015

EDGER: Rudiments

photo: Ellen Lawson

Minneapolis rock trio EDGER don't give a fuck about sounding clean. Their EP Rudiments is a warts-and-all tribute to bands bashing out their self-penned tunes in garages and sheds. With tons of leakage, dissonants, off-key vocals and stray notes their tear through six shoe-tapping songs. Props to Mike Wisti at Albatross Studio in Minneapolis who kept the live energy intact and realized that mistakes can sound great. Power pop mixed with a DIY punk attitude.

Justin Lawson: guitar, vocals
Nate Bartley: drums
Scott Hefte: bass

Rudiments will be released on June 10 via Land Ski Records.

  1. Victory Gin
  2. Noose
  3. Primadons
  4. Cautious Optimist
  5. Holy Armour
  6. Domestication

Live date:
  • 06/10 Turf Club, Saint Paul, MN
    (w/ Middlepicker, Panther Ray, The Persian Leaps)

» EDGER on Facebook

John Cale: show in Metz, France 07/03

photo: Piper Ferguson

John Cale will perform at the Centre Pompidou in Metz, France on July 3 2015.

Avec Lou Reed, John Cale a cofondé en 1965 le groupe de rock américain The Velvet Underground, dont Andy Warhol devint ensuite le manager et le producteur.

À l’occasion de l’exposition Warhol Underground, qui célèbre les cinquante ans de la rencontre de Warhol avec le groupe de rock new-yorkais, John Cale rejouera une sélection de titres issus de ce répertoire devenu culte.

» John Cale on Facebook
» John Cale tour dates

Prints Jackson: A Could Life

UK pop artist Prints Jackson has released the genre crossing A Could Life, episode 15 of his "one new song each month till the day I die" project. A song about wanting to be happy against all odds. Power pop, a bit of spoken word and a children's choir (just a snippet thankfully).

A Could Life is a self-released single. Buy it (pay-what-you-want) from his website.


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