September 01, 2014

Rig Rundown: Brian May

Premier Guitar caught up with guitar tech Pete Malandrone who takes care of Brian May's guitars and rig.

Brian May’s entire career has been almost exclusively spent with the guitar that he and his father built in 1964. “Red Special” is a three-pickup, double-cutaway guitar with Burns pickups and a very unique (at the time) switching system that allows May to cover a huge range of tones. According to May, everything on the guitar is still original from when it was built except for the tuning pegs and the rollers on the bridge.

During a typical show, May switches guitars during two songs. "Fat Bottomed Girls," which is in dropped-D tuning, is played with a Red Special replica that's green and was built by British luthier Andrew Guyton.

For "Crazy Little Thing Called Love," he uses another Guyton Red Special replica with the addition of an f-hole—which was featured on May's original designs for the guitar— a non-trem bridge, and an internal piezo pickup that is utilized during the opening parts of "Crazy Little Thing Called Love." All his guitars are strung with Optima 24 Carat Gold .009--.042 strings.

(thru Andee Blacksugar)

Phish 2014 Summer tour SBD + torrents: Commerce City 2014/08/31

LE posters by DKNG

Dick's Sporting Goods Park, Commerce City, CO

Set 1:
  1. The Curtain With
  2. Wombat
  3. Kill Devil Falls
  4. Bouncing Around the Room
  5. Poor Heart
  6. A Song I Heard the Ocean Sing
  7. Lawn Boy
  8. Wolfman's Brother
  9. Waiting All Night
  10. Winterqueen
  11. Funky Bitch
  12. Tube >
  13. Possum
Set 2:
  1. Chalk Dust Torture[1]
  2. Twist >
  3. The Wedge >
  4. Tweezer ->
  5. Sand[1] ->
  6. Tweezer >
  7. Piper ->
  8. Joy
  9. Mike's Song >
  10. Sneakin' Sally Through The Alley >
  11. Weekapaug Groove
  1. Loving Cup
  2. Tweezer Rrprise

Notes from
[1] Unfinished.
Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) tease in Piper.

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August 31, 2014

Maor Nawi: "Broken" & "Mistake" videos

Israeli singer-songwriter Maor Nawi has made videos for Broken and Mistake, two singles from her forthcoming debut album Go!. Laidback sad songs about that perennial subject matter: heartbreak.

With ample use of gentle percussion and slide guitar Nawi caters to the indie crowd who can appreciate instantly hummable melodies as a change of pace. Broken hints at psychedelic pop while Mistake gets close to mainstream soft rock.

Maor Naw: vocals
Amit Itzchak: guitars
Sshmulik Daniel: bass, drums, programming and percussion
Eldad Zitrin: keyboards, Hammond

Broken and Mistake is are self-released singles. Buy them from her website.

Live dates:
  • 09/18 Stelmac. Petah Tikva
  • 09/27 Aria, Tel Aviv
  • 10/01 Beit Hayotzer, Tel Aviv (full band show)
  • 10/09 Tmona, Tel Aviv (supporting Hatavlinim)
  • 12/04 Bar Kaima, Tel Aviv (acoustic)


Phish 2014 Summer tour SBD + torrents: Commerce City 2014/08/30

LE posters by DKNG

Dick's Sporting Goods Park, Commerce City, CO

Set 1:
  1. Free
  2. The Moma Dance
  3. Halley's Comet
  4. Stealing Time From the Faulty Plan
  5. 555
  6. Rift
  7. Sample in a Jar
  8. Devotion To a Dream
  9. Yarmouth Road >
  10. Sparkle
  11. Wingsuit
  12. David Bowie
  13. Cavern
Set 2:
  1. Down with Disease[1] ->
  2. What's the Use?
  3. Carini >
  4. Light >
  5. Fuego >
  6. Slave to the Traffic Light
  7. Meatstick
  8. Bold As Love
  1. The Horse
  2. Silent in the Morning
  3. In a Hole
  4. Fluffhead

Notes from
[1] Unfinished
Notes: This show was webcast via LivePhish. The second set was preceded by Call to the Post teases. Down with Disease contiained What's the Use? teases and was unfinished. Page played the guitar part of The Horse on piano while Trey sang. Following The Horse, the band acted as if the show was over before starting to play Silent in the Morning. Trey then explained that by pretending to not play Silent and end the show, they were making a joke, given their not playing The Horse to precede Silent in recent versions. Having to explain this "joke" prompted Trey to tell the story of performing In A Hole back in the 1980's. Fish suggested they play In A Hole, but Trey said he could not remember it. He agreed to sing the chorus, however, and sang part of it briefly (emphasizing the pun on the "a hole" lyric) while Fish and Page played a small part of the music of the song's chorus. "It's just as funny as it was 30 years ago," Page noted. "Thank you for laughing." Fluffhead contained a Dave's Energy Guide tease.

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August 30, 2014

Words about music (350): John Entwistle

It wasn't really bass players that inspired me. An early influence was Duane Eddy because I always considered his stuff as sounding like bass solos. Plus, we were a three-piece band with a singer, so we had a lot of ground to cover. I always went to play that way and it helped my sound cut through all the rest of the stuff that was happening. I eventually became a lead bass player.

John Entwistle