July 16, 2018

Words about music (466): Tony Levin

Like most musicians, I'm good at becoming immersed in the music that I am currently working on. We seldom lift up our heads to contemplate even the music we will be doing in the future, let alone what we've done in the past.

Tony Levin

July 15, 2018

Cover Me: If Not For You

Listen to Chicago psych pop band Umbra and the Volcan Siege take on the Bob Dylan classic If Not For You. They took the better known - and melodically superior - George Harrison version from All Things Must Pass as their point of reference.

Umbra and the Volcan Siege:
Jim Licka: guitar, vocals
Curtis Evans: guitar
Russ Mallord: drums
Pete Trillo: bass

July 14, 2018

FEHM: Scarborough Warning

Dark post-punk quintet FEHM are back with a new single: Scarborough Warning starts off deceptively joyful with an upbeat synth part before slowing way to Cure-alike guitar excursions and singer Paul Riddle's tale about imminent doom. The historical attack on the castle of Scarborough during the English Civil War is captured from the perspective of the crew on a ship going down. Recommended if you like Depeche Mode and English history.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds: "Distant Sky" live video

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds have a posted a live video of Distant Sky, the title track from a new EP due for release on 12” vinyl and digitally on September 28. They were joined by Danish soprano Else Torp, reprising her part from the Skeleton Tree album. The tracks for the EP were recorded @ Royal Arena in Copenhagen on October 20, 2017. Available for pre-order in July 9th.

Side A:
  1. Jubilee Street
  2. Distant Sky
Side B:
  1. From Her To Eternity
  2. The Mercy Seat

The Copenhagen show was filmed professionally and had a short run in movie theaters. Changes are a DVD/Blu-ray will hit the shops later this year.

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July 13, 2018

John Cale: Shanghai 2018/07/11 setlist

John Cale performed Shanghai Symphony Hall, Shanghai, China - July 11, 2018. Billed as a Velvet Underground 50th Anniversary Memorial Concert.

The band:
John Cale: vocals, electric guitar, keyboards, viola
Dustin Boyer: lead guitar, samples
Joey Maramba: bass
Deantoni Parks: drums, samples


  1. Sunday Morning
  2. Stephanie Says
  3. Femme Fatale
  4. Here She Comes Now
  5. I'm Waiting For The Man
  6. Fear Is A Man's Best Friend
  7. E Is Missing
  8. Coral Moon
  9. Venus In Furs
  10. Helen Of Troy
  11. Hatred
  12. White Light / White Heat
  13. Sister Ray

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