July 19, 2019

Words about music (495): Natalie Merchant

I’ve always considered it a great privilege to be a musician, I’ve never lost sight of that.

Natalie Merchant

July 18, 2019

mtf8: Rebirth

NYC Gothic rock act mtf8 came out of hibernation with the release of the splendid single The Smile, a stand-alone front-runner for an EP trilogy. The frist one, Rebirth finds him blinding a the daylight and being a little scared as well. the bad stuf that drove him into hiding is still lingering in his mind, but his unspecified fears are now under control. He now has the ability to turn weaknesses into strengths.

The heavy-handed Eighties sound of bands like the Sisters of Mercy and Bowie in Berlin phase are obviously a huge sources of inspiration, with NYC go-to shoegaze musician and producer Charlie Nieland having his back. They are already working on the next one. a decade of forced silence has ended and all those ent-up energy can't wait to be used.

HCTF premiere - Yip Man of Scotland: Here Comes The Feelings

Yip Man of Scotland, alter ego Al Nero, takes not giving a fuck to a new level on his new single Here Comes The Feelings, a defiant, rumbling rocker, with drums and guitar trying to get the upper hand as he delivers his "whatever man" lyrics. The animated video is a tribute to the weirdness of Monty Python's Terry Gilliam.

Marco Benevento: new album "Let It Slide" 09/20

NYC avant-jazz keyboardist Marco Benevento appears to be gravitating towards lo-fi art rock. The psychedelic video for Let It Slide finds him in full singing mood, with his wife Katie Benevento (backing vocals) and Karina Rykman (guitar) helping out. It is the title track and lead single from his new album that will be released on September 20 via Royal Potato Family. Producer Leon Michels oversaw all of the proceedings during the recording process, something that Benevento always shied away from.

July 17, 2019

Brick Briscoe: From Lucky Point to Père Lachaise

Musician Brick Briscoe puts his experience as a radio and television host to good use for his new album From Lucky Point to Père Lachaise, a travelogue describing a journey to France, after having received treatment for cancer. Starting in his hometown Petersburg, IN (Lucky Point) he paid visits Chicago, Boston, New York, Paris, Bordeaux,before headign back to the States. After two short tracks that set the tone for the album Briscoe puts on his storytelling hat, telling tales about love, history, and art.

He has a soft spot for late Eighties college rock, the gnarly yet melodic kind that was championed by the Pixies, Chuck Prophet and Hüsker Dü, with plenty of ad lib comments sprinkldd on top. From Lucky Point to Père Lachaise is an album to should be listened in full, so set aside 35 minutes and 33 seconds, pull the curtains, and follow him on his journey. He knwos he wil die, bu that did not stop him from creating an intense set linked songs, a concept abotu lerangign how to cope and beging scared shitless as well.