October 02, 2006

Valeze: Go Go Go

Five piece Valeze, a post-punk act based in New York City, will release a four song EP called Go Go Go on December 6 and they strive for world domination. Hey, aren't we all. Straight up, good-old fashioned guitar playing, a hard hitting drummer and a singer that can handle the vocals really well. It might happen ... And they cover The Stooges too.

Building on their influences from the seminal bands of the late '70s - Blondie, the Clash, and the Sex Pistols in particular - Valeze has cultivated a sound all their own. It's a sound that you can only achieve when you have a sexy frontwoman whose vocal influences include Axl Rose, Billy Idol, and Elvis Presley, combined with danceable elements of new wave, glam, and punk. Dare we say? if Axl had tits? (Or does he now...?)

Tiffany Randol: vocals
Alan Brent: guitar
Joe Hung: bass
Tim Grace: keyboards
Miles Kennedy: drums

» www.valeze.net
» myspace.com/valeze

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