March 25, 2008

Bess Rogers: Decisions Based On Information

Bess Rogers

Let's do another piece about a promising singer/songwriter, shall we? "Aw, shit, I ..." *Slap*! OK, let's try it again: Brooklyn based Bess Rogers is a bookworm turned musician or vice versa. Her self-released album Decisions Based On Information is a body of work with more electronics than you would expect after looking at the album cover.

She writes cheery tunes that will drag the coffee sipping crowd out of their intellectual conversation and pay attention to the girl and her cronies playing on that tiny stage. They might consider to buy her a drink. And her album after the show. If they ask nicely she might even sign it for them.

Decisions Based On Information is released on April 8. Drop by her website to buy one or it order it straight away from CD Baby.


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