September 30, 2015

Irmin Schmidt: "Electro Violet" 12CD box set

photo: Steve Gullick

Electro Violet, a 12 CD box set collecting the solo output of avant-garde musician Irmin Schmidt will be released on November 20th. Schmidt, founding member of the seminal Krautrock pioneers Can, became a respected soundtrack composer for film and theatre and a groundbreaking electronic solo artist after the band folded in 1981. The box contains a disc with previously unreleased soundtrack material.

The Electro Violet box comes with an 80-page booklet, featuring new liner notes from Max Dax and Irmin Schmidt. Each album is presented in an individual gatefold sleeve with the artwork, entitled Bärenkuss 5, coming from longtime friend and Berlin artist, FRANEK.

Electro Violet is a joint release of UK label Mute and Can's own imprint Spoon Records.

Contents of the box set:

  1. Toy Planet (1981)
  2. Musk At Dusk (1987)
  3. Impossible Holidays (1991)
  4. Gormenghast - A Fantasy Opera (2000)
  5. Masters of Confusion (2001)
  6. Axolotl Eyes (2008)
  7. Film Musik Anthology Vol. 1 (1994)
  8. Film Musik Anthology Vol. 2 (1994)
  9. Film Musik Anthology Vol. 3 (1994)
  10. Film Musik Anthology Vol. 4 (2009)
  11. Film Musik Anthology Vol. 5 (2009)
  12. Film Musik Anthology Vol. 6 (2015)

Why Not (previously unreleased) is from the soundtrack of German director Stephan Wagner’s 2012 film, Lösegeld (produced by WDR / ARD) and features Markus Stockhausen (son of Karlheinz Stockhausen) on trumpet.


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