November 24, 2017

Talma: Lifeline

London quintet Talma mix The Smiths and The National on their new single Lifeline. Melodic alternative rock with a few short and sweet guitar breaks. They are the kind that the folks at NME will be raving about, hailing them as the next big thing until the next group of hopefuls comes around. Stick by them if you rank Johnny Marr way above Noel Gallagher.

November 23, 2017

The Sideshow Tragedy: The View From Nowhere

Garage blues rock duo The Sideshow Tragedy ezpanded their musical palette on their new album The View From Nowhere. Ben Sent4erfti added Dunky bariton and sax adds colour to Time To Taste and the album's producer Kenny Siegal played various keyboards, piano, upright bass and vibraphone, but the core of Nathan Singleton (vocals, resonator guitar) and Jeremy Harrell (drums) is always upfront.

Playing roots rocks with an irresistible backbeat is their bread and butter. Nevermind that the lyrics deal with heartbreak (For Your Love) and other mishaps (Nobody), The Austin, TX based duo deliver what their band name implies: putting one hell of an upbeat show, using raw blues to harness their grievances and turn them into a celebration.

Kapok: Drop Your Shoes For Zero Gravity

Dutch jazz trio Kapok have changed their modus operandi this year, going for improvisations and using more instruments - synthesizers, vibraphone and baritone guitar. Watch them perform Drop Your Shoes For Zero Gravity, a 100% improvised track captured by director Bas Vermolen ( in Kytopia in Utrecht. It's a taste of what to expect for the band's MIRABEL 360° shows in February next year. Their fourth studio should be in the shops by then.

November 22, 2017

The Bullfight: stream "The Ballad of Martin van Dongen" from "Whisper In The Dark For Me"

Dutch folk noir band The Bullfight have posted the audio of The Ballad of Martin van Dongen on YouTube. It's a track from their forthcoming live album Whisper In The Dark For Me., which will be released on December 11th on Brandy Alexander Recordings.

Live date:


HCTF review of Whisper In The Dark For Me.

Flare Voyant: Flare Voyant

London funky rock 'n'roll quartet Flare Voyant are firing on all cylinders on their self-titled debut EP. Incorporating bits of glam and blues the band work their way through four tracks, using syncopation to make it sexy and danceable. Produced by Chris Kimsey (the Rolling Stones, Joan Jett) they got a Seventies sound that sounds deceptively basic, but it is actually quite difficult to get it right.

They dress the part, projecting the image of rock stars of yesteryear, And they got the songs that can act as a spring board for extended live improvisation. Don't be surprised when Ephemeral Romance and Empty Soul go on for ten minutes or more. Transcendental bluesy funk that goes for the gut. A few decades late for some maybe, but also an invitation to explore and enjoy the artists who inspired them.