May 24, 2019

Rose Ette: Ignore the Feeling

Houston based jangling indie pop band Rose Ette cover the middle ground between sunny Sixties pop and the softer side of bands like the Pixies on their first full-length Ignore the Feeling. Guitarists Teresa Vicinanza and Daniela Hernandez trade licks and share vocal duties with concise lyrics about rocky relationships, avoiding unwanted attention, and trying to ignore party invitations that get in the way of feeling glum and angry after being hurt yet again.

Make no mistake - they fight back. In hindsight the glory of bubblegum pop were a lot tougher than occasional listeners might realize. Rose Ette =warp their songs in colourful wrapping paper, but the content is truthful and in-your-face. A fair warfnign to any Predator who might try to get the upper hand

Kjartan Bue: Skøjter Paa En Regnbue ("Skates On A Rainbow")

Danish singer Kjartan Bue isn't very prolific, but every now and then he drops a new memorable song. Using his mother tongue and English Skøjter Paa En Regnbue ("Skates On A Rainbow") has a down home folk and jazz vibe, with harmonica and saxophone adding colour to his acoustic guitar. A gentle excursion by a musician who follows his own path.

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May 23, 2019

Cover Me: Love Bug

Watch Nirvana tackle the Shocking Blue classic Love Bug. It can be found on the Live at Reading CD/DVD.


Абсолютно Хорошее Настроение ("Absolutely Good Mood"): Скрижали ("Tablets")

Абсолютно Хорошее Настроение ("Absolutely Good Mood") are q Russian quartet from Volgograd who managed to incorporate bits and pieces of traditional music and quite a few literary references into Seventies rock, prog-metal, pastoral psychedelica, avant-garde and post-punk. Their latest album Скрижали was recorded in fits and starts over a four year period (2015-2018). This lengthy recording process did not get in the way of their goal to create a consistent Gesamtkunstwerk. Also: performing the songs live on the Russian underground circuit had helped them to iron out the kinks in the more complex parts of the compositions.

Скрижали is an album that should be listened as a whole. It would be a waste to cut up the listening into separate tracks. The recurring musical themes and vignettes make it a cohesive concept record, an almost lost art that is preserved by a bunch of versatile artists who push each other to the next level. It will be challenge for them to surpass the fluency and musical prowess they have shown on this one..

May 22, 2019

Dusty Stray: "Down" video

Watch the new Dusty Stray video for Down. He used footage from the classic Cosmic Voyage movie (the whole thing is up on YouTube), capturing the melancholy of the song really well. It is a track from his Estranged album: "He took a long hard look at himself and the bad ending of yet another relationship. With his vocals and acoustic guitar, banjo and ukulele at the core of the song he lays down dreamy freak folk songs, enhanced by keyboards, omnichord, backwards masking and almost church like backing vocal arrangements".