November 20, 2019

Johnny Kills: Panic

English rock trio Johnny Kills rounded up a selection of their singles plus the brand track Right Now for their debut Panic. Basically a rambling garage band they have a good ear for catchy melodies, with elements of glam rock, grunge and Britpop trying get the upper hand - no clear winner except the listener who is treated to a slew of catchy, short songs about heartbreak and other timeless mishaps that are a huge part of their lives.

Elephant Stone: Darker Time, Darker Space

photo: Bowen Stead

Canadian psychedelic raga rockers Elephant Stone mention the existence of a space ship as a way out to escape from the impending collapse of Earth. No pointers as to who wil allowed to board on the Harmonia and make the trip to planet B. The video was made by Paul Jacobs.

November 19, 2019

Sewage Farm: Songs About Nothing

York rock trio Sewage Farm have perfected their particular blend of fuzz-heavy, noisy garage rock with a psychedelic twist on Songs About Nothing, their third full-length. Not many bands can sound muddy, lo-fi and crystal clear simultaneously, but these guys are on top of things to keep it together and bring it home without fail.

Songs About Nothing covers their pet peeves such as bad luck (Allergic Reaction), commitment of the lack thereof (Ball and Chain), falling in love and paying no heed to the warning signs with disastrous results (Fire) and howling at injustice in general. It's a record that should be played really fucking loud and on repeat. Singing along is optional, but feel free to play air guitar, bass or drums.

Deleyaman: Vlissingen added to "Sentinel" tour

French dark wave band Deleyaman have added a show in Vlissingen (The Netherlands) to promote the release their new album Sentinel on January 17, 2020. It is the follow-up for the critically acclaimed The lover, The stars & The citadel.

November 18, 2019

Words about music (509) :Bruce Springsteen

I suppose when you do it correctly, a good introduction and a good outro makes the song feel like it's coming out of something and then evolving into something.

Bruce Springsteen