April 03, 2020

Broeder Dieleman: Jakobsladder

Dutch folk musician Broeder Dieleman revisits am ancient Biblical tale on his new single Jakobsladder, a story about a shepherd who sees angels going up and down a ladder:

The song examines the reflection a place can give: a literal place with its nature, and the figurative place of the person in relation to the world. In this way symbolism and landscape, dream and deed flow beautifully together in this newly told, ancient story of Jakob the shepherd
It is the lead single from his forthcoming new album De Liefde is de Eerste Wet. The video was made by Jonathan Sipkema.

The Wolfgang Press: "Unremembered, Remembered" for Record Store Day

English post-punk band The Wolfgang Press folded in 1996 and the demos that were recorded for what should have been worked on for an album were shelved until now. Unremembered, Remembered will be released for Record Store Day (June 20). They have gone back to the tapes and mastered them at Abbey Road.

Unremembered, Remembered will be pressed on 140g transparent red vinyl via 4AD. 1500 copies.

1. You Say You Love Me (demo) / 2. God, Let If Shine On (demo) / 3. My Mother Told Me (demo)

1. Black Hole Star (demo) / 2. Liar (demo) / 3. Miss H.I.V. (demo)

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April 02, 2020

Pocket Knife Army: "Intruders, Liars, Invaders, Thieves" live in the studio

Dutch electronic pop duo Pocket Knife Army had to stay at home their for "one new song each month" challenge. Intruders, Liars, Invaders, Thievew is a frantic warning to all folks who are trying their hands on their belongings Desirée Coumans and Erwin Tuijl move fast on this one, but nver tloose track of what they are wanting to achie The clip was edited by Jesse Immanuel Bom, who dug into his archive of footage to tell the story, besides using the shots that were made by the band - who only had access to a torch light from a phone and a no-frills camera.

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HCTF review of Drowning Is Not An Option.

The Fierce And The Dead: Lets Start A Cult Podcast Episode 1

English instrumental prog experimentalists The Fierce And The Dead have started a podcat. In the first episode of Lets Start A Cult (named after a track from their Spooky Action album), Matt Stevens and Kev Feazey go back to the recording of Part 1, the band's first EP.

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HCTF review of Live USA 17.

David Bowie: "I’m Only Dancing (The Soul Tour 74)" for Record Store Day

A previously unreleased David Bowie show will be released for Record Store Day (June 20) as a 2LP and 2CD. I’m Only Dancing (The Soul Tour 74) was recorded in the USA. The setlist previewed some of the songs that would end up on his Young Americans album:

Taken from recently discovered sources in The David Bowie Archive®, I’m Only Dancing (The Soul Tour 74) was recorded mostly during David’s performance at the Michigan Palace, Detroit on 20th October, 1974, with the encores taken from the Municipal Auditorium, Nashville on 30th November, 1974. The only song missing from the full set on the 20th October performance is ‘Diamond Dogs’ which was unfortunately only recorded in part. To make up for that it was decided to include the encores from the 30th November performance which featured ‘Diamond Dogs’ but also enables a fuller representation of the set from The Soul Tour including such numbers as ‘Knock On Wood’ and the ‘Foot Stomping / I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate’ medley.