March 13, 2014

Andee Blacksugar: Joe Mitch & Hans Werksman in Bb

How many music bloggers have a tune named after them? Watch Andee Blacksugar perform Joe Mitch & Hans Werksman in Bb:

Again this week I asked my Facebook friends to call out a key and tempo, with the promise that I'd write/record/film/upload a piece of guitar music using those parameters the same night, and name it after the first respondent(s). Joe Mitch called the tempo (150bpm) and Hans Werksman the key (B-flat major). Here it is!

Features the usual gear (my custom, DiMarzio-loaded Blacksugar Strat, Fractal Audio AFX2, Eventide Pitchfactor, various other pedals and Cubase 5). Everything was recorded direct!

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