August 19, 2015

Churn Milk Joan at work: "The kitchen is full of marimbas"

Avant-gardists Richard Knutson (Plum Flower Embroidery. Neutral Sons, The Chacers) and Colin Robinson (Big Block 454, Jumble Hole Clough) are making a new Churn Milk Joan album.

All sounds are created the Robinson's residence, using regular instruments in irregular ways. Watch them at work in the The kitchen is full of marimbas video and while discussing the merits of bacon (not really), Paul Starkey.. no McCartney, Eraserhead and much, much more:

When the boffins at Churn Milk Joan studios decide it’s time to create a new offering, there is never any pre-conceived plan. Random instruments are dragged out of the store-room; aleatoric processes are constructed and consulted; then the music begins. Out of chance and chaos spring fully-formed works of art. Observe the work in progress. Look & Learn.

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